Aus Buzzwords wird Klartext

Lesen Sie hier, was BÜLOW & QVARTZ bewegt. Neues aus Deutschland und spannende Whitepapers / Perspectives und Fallerfahrung aus der QVARTZ Civilisation.

QVARTZ DOGBITERS: Nils chose people over numbers

Nils Christiansen of BÜLOW & QVARTZ in Hamburg is an industrial engineer who joined consulting because of the people aspect. He finds the interaction with clients, the quality of the work delivered and the professionalism of colleagues some of the greatest advantages to his work. As BÜLOW joined the QVARTZ civilisation, Nils experienced that he got more of everything.

In the presence of greatness

QVARTZ Co-founder Hans Henrik Beck was invited to join a key panel discussion during this week’s gigantic event in San Francisco with over 170,000 participants. However, it was not only because of the magnitude of the event, or that is number 1 on Forbes’ “Future 50” as well as on the list of the most innovative companies in the world, that he was in the presence of greatness. It was also because he had the opportunity to listen to and dine with former First Lady, Michelle Obama.

The new nordic

The New York Times’ review of the Great Nordic Food Hall in New York simply states that it is “Nirvana, Nordic Style”. The owner is Danish restaurateur Claus Meyer, co-founder of the world famous restaurant NOMA and a prime mover in defining and championing New Nordic cuisine.

We are with Margaret

The world-renowned anthropologist Margaret Mead famously said: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has”. We are with her. Check the video.

Coming together

At QVARTZ, we strongly believe in the power of meaningful interactions. Our recent company retreat in the stunning German Alps was buzzing with synergies; of brief chats and long conversations; of QVARTZ compañeros across offices laughing, dancing and exploring the...

BÜLOW & QVARTZ’ Energie-Hackathon 2017

Wir blicken mit viel Freude auf den Hackathon INNOVATE.ENERGY 2017 in Köln zurück. Studenten, Berufseinsteiger, Forscher und Experten aus der Industrie konnten gemeinsam in inspirierender Atmosphäre als interdisziplinäre Teams an den heutigen und absehbaren...

Lucky number 13

Today, we have the privilege and pleasure of adding 13 new stars to our constellation. Jeffrey will strengthen our NY office; Claude, Jannis, Meike and Philip form a solid addition to our Hamburg office; and Lukas and Mattias are already lighting up our Stockholm office. In Copenhagen, Martin has teamed up with VERTICAL, while Mette Marie, Frederik, Martin, Meadhbh and Simon are the newest talents at the QVARTZ Copenhagen office. Shine on.

POSTCARD FROM QVARTZ: Jakob, Jan and Morten on the road

Hi everyone! Our current major project has brought the three of us to 23 (!) countries in Asia, Australia, Africa and Europe within the last three months, as part of the client’s worldwide organisational transformation and rollout. Together with the local client offices, we have prepared and engaged local leaders and teams for the organisational change.

A day of analytics

More than 150 people from the Danish business intelligence and analytics environment met for a full day of inspirational sessions and business opportunity discussions at the Business Analytics event in Copenhagen this week. The QVARTZ Analytics team was a proud partner of the event, and thrilled to participate in the many interesting discussions on how to make efficient use of unstructured data and how to ensure profitable analytics, among many other topics. Thank you all for an inspirational and fruitful day.

Entering: The lion city

Going global in a networked, digital world is not about having an office in every city, but about being present and close to the strategic epicenters of the world. Singapore is exactly such an epicenter for commerce, finance and logistics. After steadily increasing our presence year-on-year, working for our international clients, we are now opening an office in the Lion City. High expectations.

Nord trifft Süd

Die Hamburger Querköpfe haben sich für drei Tage in den sonnigen Süden Nizzas zurückgezogen, um dort die Wachstumsstrategie für Deutschland nach dem Zusammenschluss mit QVARTZ weiter zu konkretisieren. In malerischer Landschaft wurde an der blauen Küste bei guten...


We are monumentally happy to learn that for the second consecutive year, Vault ranks QVARTZ as #1 on Company Culture among all major consulting companies in Europe. Check out the video for a peek into the QVARTZ civilisation.

QVARTZ DOGBITERS: Inken and the great unknown

"I grew up close to the border between Germany and Denmark, so for me, the Nordic heritage of QVARTZ is something I instantly felt very connected to". Inken Schäfer is a Senior Consultant at QVARTZ' Hamburg office. Her strong desire to gain new knowledge, meet new...