Aus Buzzwords wird Klartext

Lesen Sie hier, was BÜLOW & QVARTZ bewegt. Neues aus Deutschland und spannende Whitepapers / Perspectives und Fallerfahrung aus der QVARTZ Civilisation.

A political endeavour

It is a known fact in the QVARTZ civilisation that you have to pursue the iconic moments in life. QVARTZ consultant Johanna Gestlöf from our Stockholm office is doing just that.

Navigating the pitfalls of digital transformation

All transformation processes are complicated and the digital transformation journey is no exception. Often, companies either fail to reap the benefits from their digital initiatives or fail to get the initiatives properly started. However, there is no such thing as a first-take digital transformation success. In this perspective, QVARTZ Associated Digital Advisor Tim Bruun Madsen and Partner Jesper Adeltoft outline three step-zero initiatives that support such a restart of the digitisation process.

Year of the dog

Did you know that the Chinese New Year is based on the lunar calendar, and therefore falls on different dates each year? The 2018 festivities kick off today and our QVARTZ colleagues in Singapore are therefore enjoying some well-deserved time off with their families....

Changing the game of talent management

The digital renaissance is running at full speed and is radically changing not only the way we manage companies, but also how we work. Being able to attract and retain the right talent is more crucial than ever before in order for companies to navigate successfully in...

Orange is the new black

New year. New expanses. Building on our increased geographical footprint in key locations throughout the world, we now open the doors to our Amsterdam office. In order to solidify our European presence and move closer to its largest markets, we have teamed up with Boer & Croon, the leading management and corporate finance company in the Netherlands.

Tasting our own (digital) medicine

At the upcoming HR Tech 2018 conference in Fornebu, Elise Langerød from QVARTZ Oslo will talk about our efforts to digitalise and streamline internal systems and processes.

The law of accelerating returns

“An exponential model will inherently have greater uncertainty, and show few signs of success in the early phase, as almost nothing will have been achieved, when half the time has passed”. In his recent article, QVARTZ Manager Jacob Westerberg exemplifies why exponential thinking often comes off as counterintuitive.

Teaming up with the elite

Will Hoon and Chee-Kiang Lim are a high-calibre duo who shares a background from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and later Bain. Together they know the industries and market dynamics in China and South East Asia better than most.

Individually unique, collectively perfect

Dorte Bregnhøj, Head of People and Partner in QVARTZ, visited the Hamburg office for an eye-opening MBTI session, where different personal profiles and preferences were revealed

All in

On this first day of December, QVARTZ compañeros from all five offices have gathered in Copenhagen for a full day and night of meaningful interactions. We look forward to brief chats and long conversations; to laughing, dancing and lighting up the winter sky together.


We were in good company at yesterday's Best of Consulting award ceremony hosted by one of Germany's leading business newspapers, WirtschaftsWoche, in Düsseldorf. At the award, the best consultancies in Germany were awarded for specific projects in different...

Go ask Kash

Do you know what a mining futurist is? Kash Sirinanda from our knowledge hub QVARTZ Analytics does. He is committed to further developing the mining sector, and has recently published an article on the exciting boom in mining startups. Among other good things, the...

QVARTZ DOGBITERS: Johan goes for the full spectrum

"Advanced analytics is a fascinating field, because a large part of the future will depend on our ability to understand big data. I want to be part of this evolution – on the edge of the curve. Working in a company where I'm exposed to the newest technology and...

QVARTZ DOGBITERS: Nils chose people over numbers

Nils Christiansen of BÜLOW & QVARTZ in Hamburg is an industrial engineer who joined consulting because of the people aspect. He finds the interaction with clients, the quality of the work delivered and the professionalism of colleagues some of the greatest advantages to his work. As BÜLOW joined the QVARTZ civilisation, Nils experienced that he got more of everything.