QVARTZ DOGBITERS: Johan goes for the full spectrum

November 21, 2017

QVARTZ DOGBITERS: Johan goes for the full spectrum

“Advanced analytics is a fascinating field, because a large part of the future will depend on our ability to understand big data. I want to be part of this evolution – on the edge of the curve. Working in a company where I’m exposed to the newest technology and methods within data analytics is really cool”.

Motivated by the deep quantitative aspects he found at QVARTZ Analytics, Johan Emil Rasmussen joined our analytics knowledge hub 2.5 months ago. “Here, I get to work on complex analytical challenges for clients, often alongside partners such as Teradata, Microsoft, Salesforce and Cisco”, he says.

Incidentally, Johan joined just before a company retreat in the Alps, which made quite an impression. “Despite knowing several people in QVARTZ, and having heard quite a bit about the culture, my expectations were superseded by far. The Octoberfest party in the Alps was insanely entertaining”. Well, we are equally happy to have you on board, Johan.